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3D Digitizing Probe

The SHARK® 3D Digitizing Probe by Next Wave CNC is an Authentic Accessory designed and built to enhance and advance creative options and opportunities for professional woodworkers and home hobbyists.

The SHARK® 3D Digitizing Probe mounts in place of a router bit in the router or spindle chuck on any SHARK® CNC, allowing you to make an exact copy by tracing objects down to 0.001″ detail.

Place the object you want to duplicate onto the Shark Aluminum InterLoc T-slot bed and the probe will gently touch the object and take measurements along the surface. When the SHARK® 3D Digitizing Probe finishes mapping the surface, it will output a .DNW file that can be converted into an STL 3D file, which can be imported software like Vectric VCarve to replicate objects, shapes, and patterns on your SHARK®CNC.

This process is especially beneficial to luthiers, furniture makers, and restoration work, replicating basic shapes for carvings or reproducing damaged areas on antiques or other irreplaceable items.

The probe gently touches the object during the process of sampling locations along the surface.  Its internal sensing is done by optical switches which provide accurate and reliable measurement over millions of contacts.

Once the probe is done and the files are created, you can cut or route as many copies as you need for your project.

Caution, the tip may mark softer materials, such as clay, basswood, or plaster.
We suggest testing a small area on the material before scanning the entire piece.


  • High-quality machined aluminum housing

  • 1/4” mounting shank

  • 10 ft cable

  • Ruby tipped probe for higher accuracy and longer life

  • Made in USA

  • One year Warranty 

Product Details

• UPC: 00853211006305

• SKU 20176


NOTE: To avoid accidents or injury, always be sure to unplug the router prior to attaching the Digital Duplicator.
*The SHARK® 3D Digital Probe requires Vectric VCarve or similar software to import the STL and allow the CNC to duplicate it.