Next Wave CNC Shark

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  • SHARK RS1000 PRO®

  • SHARK HD520®

  • Shark HD510®

  • SHARK HD500®

  • SHARK SD120®

  • SHARK SD110®

  • SHARK SD101®

CNC Router

Are you looking to add a new tool to your workshop? A CNC router is a great investment for hobbyists and professionals looking to increase accuracy and productivity in their woodworking projects. With Next Wave CNC, you can choose from various models based on your woodworking needs. Our machines have advanced features, such as touchscreen control panels, making them perfect for any user level.

Select one of the options below to learn more about a specific CNC machine. In the product details, we’ve explained the ideal use for the machine and have educational videos explaining usage. Call (419) 318-4822 or email support@nextwavecnc.com if you have questions about one of our CNC routers.