2-Watt Laser Module for Shark CNCs



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UPC: 853211006237

Whether you’re a hobbyist or a professional woodworker, this laser module will take your projects to the next level. You’ll easily make precise engravings with the 2-watt laser module for Shark CNC. This product is easy to install, and you won’t have to remove your router in order to use it.

Purchase an interchangeable Laser Module that mounts in the collet of your router enables you to create detailed photographic engravings, images, and lettering. You can engrave various materials, including balsa, leather, foam, paper, and more!

Works with CNC Piranha FX, Piranha XL, HD Pendant controlled machines, and Shark II, or can be adapted for previous non Pendant CNC SHARKS by purchasing the Laser Interface item number 20015.

NOTE: Interface required For adapting the Laser Module on any Shark Controller not equipped with a Pendant Control.

Please call (419) 318-4822 or email support@nextwavecnc.com if you have specific questions about our 2-watt laser module for Shark CNC or one of our other products.