Now you can duplicate 3 Dimensional items and reproduce them

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Product Details

Brand: NWA

The 3D Digitizing Probe attaches to the router in any CNC Shark® and allows you to trace objects down to 0.001″ detail. You can then import the STL image into VCarve and replicate objects, shapes and patterns.

The 3D Digitizing Probe works well for replicating basic shapes for carvings or reproducing damaged areas on antiques or other irreplaceable items.

The 3D Digitizing Probe requires Vectric VCarve or similar software to be used with all CNC Shark models.

  • SD100 requires the LCD pendant to use the SHARK® 3D Digitizing Probe

Caution, the tip may mark softer materials, such as clay, basswood, or plaster. We suggest testing a small area on the material before scanning the entire piece.

NOTE: To avoid accidents or injury, always be sure to unplug the router prior to attaching the Digital Duplicator.