Add a Rotary 4th axis to your CNC Shark!

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The CNC Shark 4th axis gives you the ability to create precision designs that will astonish your clients. Use it to make pens, game pieces, tool or kitchen gadget handles from one of the many kits available from popular Woodworking Stores.

With virtually plug-and-play design, the CNC Shark Rotary 4th axis includes predrilled base plates that easily bolts to your existing shark bed.

The kit includes a precision 4 jaw chuck and fully adjustable tail stock with live center and an expansion driver card for your CNC Shark controller, simple installation is required.

Note: Design operations require VCarve 9.5 or above (sold separately).


  • High Precision, motorized 4th axis controller that can be mounted on the tabletop on any HD CNC Shark System.
  • Software required for the 4th axis controller port to be active to facilitate the CNC Shark stepper motor drive kit.
  • 4th axis driver card compatible with HD4 and more recent HD5xx Next Wave CNC machines
  • Maximum workpiece diameter is 3.25″ at the standard gantry setting increasing up to 5.6″ with the gantry at highest setting.
  • Headstock is 9 1/2″ long which can be mounted on the table outside of the cut area. Tailstock is just under 8″ long, when mounted these will support a cut piece maximum length 6 1/2″ less than Y axis.   It is also possible to mount diagonally increasing that a bit.


  • Precision 4 Jaw chuck
  • Tailstock with live center
  • Equipped with data port
  • U.S. based technical support for original owner
  • 1 Year Warranty

Rotary 4th Axis Manual