Planning to buy a new CNC machine to optimize your woodworking space? The Shark SD120 is an ideal upgrade for your workshop.

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UPC: 853211006343


The Shark SD120 creativity potential is boundless, and hobbyists to pros are incorporating it as one go-to woodworking tool for custom parts, joinery, precision drilling functions, or all things decorative. The best part is, the entire machine easily fits on one end or under your workbench. This prevents your woodworking space from becoming cluttered with tools, ensuring you have ample space to work.

The Shark SD120 CNC machine features a longer 12” x 30” table designed for larger projects such as carving plaques or signs, ornamental boxes, and precision parts machined from wood, soft metals, or plastics.

Using our included 3D carving capability and a 3D model library, you can cut beautiful relief carvings, intricate inlays, and create exquisitely detailed engravings with ease. The incredible accuracy of the Shark SD120 allows customers to even engrave custom circuit boards.

The Shark SD120 offers dual functionality.

1. Your projects can begin using our convenient touch screen Pendant interface, eliminating the need for a computer as you control the unit via the Pendant. Using the included VCarve Desktop Design Software, you can create your project and transfer it to a USB drive which can then be plugged directly into the LCD pendant.

2. For more challenging projects and extended versatility, you can run the Shark SD120 from your computer taking advantage of the exclusive patented Virtual Zero Unlimited programming that will adjust your design to fit curves and angles that would be virtually impossible on other brands of machines. (Computer and flash drive not included).

Put the power of the USA Made Next Wave CNC Shark SD120® to work for you today and make incredible wood creations!


  • Table dimensions: 12” x 30″
  • XYZ travel: 12” x 25” x 4”
  • Overall dimensions: 19-1/2”W x 30-1/2”L x 21”H
  • Aluminum interlocking slotted table track for highly customizable clamping
  • Includes the latest VCarve Desktop Design software now incorporating Cut 3D functionality, Rotary compatible, and Vector Art 3D Sampler Pack
  • Color Touch Screen pendant controller system
  • Ready2Control software
  • Virtual Zero Unlimited
  • Requires a PC computer with USB 2.0 port (not included)
  • Requires a Bosch 1 HP Model PR20, Bosch 1.25 HP, Dewalt 611, Porter Cable 450, or similar style palm router. (router sold separately)
  • 2 Hold Down clamps
  • Carbide V Bit
  • Ships fully assembled.
  • 2-year factory warranty on parts and labor, shipping exclusions apply
  • Made in USA

Got questions about the Shark SD120? Next Wave CNC’s knowledgeable team is happy to assist. You’ll reach our team by calling (419) 318-4822 or emailing support@nextwavecnc.com.


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