4 Tips for Selling Your CNC-Made Products on Etsy

Selling your CNC-made products on Etsy can be a profitable and rewarding experience. The popular online marketplace allows crafters to easily reach a wide audience and showcase their unique creations. Ensure your success with our expert tips for selling your CNC-made products on Etsy.

Decide on a Target Market

Identifying your target market helps you determine the types of projects you should sell and the price points. While you may sell wall art, the options offered to a business owner differ from those for homeowners. Likewise, the design of your work can also impact the types of buyers– younger generations may prefer more modern designs, while older ones may favor classic options.

As you establish your target market, also consider how buyer demographic impacts the prices you’ll set. To make this easier, research the products and prices of Etsy shops that appear similar to yours. If you set noticeably higher prices than competitors, ensure there’s clear reasoning for this, like using higher-end materials such as hardwood instead of soft wood.

Research Trending Products

Always stay in tune with what’s popular in the market. Regularly researching trending products on Etsy and similar platforms can give you insights into what customers are currently interested in.

When doing this, remember that while the product itself should align with what’s trending, what you sell should remain unique. For example, handcrafted bookshelves may be trending, but you can make yours stand out by incorporating your CNC skills to carve intricate designs onto the wood.

Prioritize Quality

Another tip for selling your CNC-made products on Etsy is to ensure they are high-quality by using the best materials and tools.

Customers who shop on Etsy do so because they want high-quality, unique items carefully crafted by artisans. Make sure your CNC-made products are aesthetically pleasing, durable, and well-crafted. Investing in high-quality materials and ensuring meticulous crafting processes will enhance the perceived value of your products, leading to positive reviews and repeat customers.

Pro Tip

Purchase a high-quality CNC machine and maintain it well to ensure precision and consistency in your products.

Offer Customization

Customization is a powerful selling point in the world of handmade products. Offering customization options for your CNC-made products allows customers to have a personal connection with the piece they’re buying.

Offering custom products could be as simple as offering different color options or specific engravings. Many Etsy shops have options for customers to send in words or an image that they’d like engraved on a wooden piece. On your shop, have an option for customers to customize standard products; establish parameters around this such as word count based on the project and your skill level.

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