5 Tips for Turning Your CNC Hobby Into a Side Hustle

What started as a fun hobby can become a profitable side venture. With the growing popularity of CNC machines, many markets are teeming with customized products and parts. Why not turn your passion for CNC machining into something that can generate income? We will share how to transform your CNC hobby into a side hustle.

Identifying Your Potential Customers

Begin by defining your target market or primary buyers. For instance, if you have a knack for crafting custom wooden signs, curate collections for homeowners looking to add a personal touch to their décor.

When deciding on your primary customers, create a profile to determine their age group, interests, and income. This will help you tailor your marketing efforts and product offerings to suit their preferences.

Decide What You’ll Sell

Your products should align with the preferences of your target market. If you cater to homeowners interested in custom wooden décor, you could sell signs, coasters, or wall art.

Pro Tip

Allowing customers to request custom-made designs adds a unique selling point to your business and builds strong relationships with your clientele.

Promoting Your Craft

Create social media pages on Instagram and Facebook dedicated to your business. Post stories as you work on projects, and show off your finished products. Regular posts can engage your followers and boost your online visibility. As your side hustle grows, you can create a website and post the link on your social media accounts or print it on your business cards.

Choosing a Suitable Sales Platform

When exploring tips for turning your CNC hobby into a side hustle, you should select the ideal sales platform. Online platforms like Etsy are great for artisans looking to reach a wider audience without the constraints of a physical location. Depending on your location, you could also set up a booth at local farmers’ or makers’ markets. Finding in-person selling options allows you to showcase your work and interact with potential customers.

Investing in Quality Tools

As your side hustle grows, you’ll need great tools and equipment to craft your creations. Investing in high-quality wood and reliable CNC machines can enhance the look and durability of your final products.

Shop at Next Wave CNC

Turning your CNC hobby into a side hustle requires careful planning, creativity, and marketing savvy. Next Wave CNC is a CNC manufacturer that sells machines, router tables, and essential add-ons. Our knowledgeable team is always available to assist you in finding the perfect tools for your CNC projects.

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  1. Thanks for the insight. I work full time and easily find distractions are everywhere. Planning to retire soon and would love to have a little side business but marketing has never been my strong suit. Another thing, “Finish Work” is super challenging for me.

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