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Shown with optional Miter and Pendant Mount

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At Next Wave CNC, we continuously work to improve our products’ technology and capabilities, focused on developing game-changing functionality while building tools that increase creative options and support quality and timely production outcomes. The newest addition to our SHARK brand of products integrates full CNC functionality and accuracy to your router table – an industry game-changer.

We are proud to introduce the SHARK RS1000 PRO Router Lift and Fence. 

The Shark RS1000 PRO transforms nearly any router table into a full-fledged TWO Axis CNC – giving you unmatched accuracy by allowing your fence or bit to be moved by as little as one-thousandth of an inch  Our patented technology, controlled by an onboard processor with Full Color LCD Touch Screen Pendant, allows the fence and lift to move accurately in direct relationship to the bit while providing a full twelve-inch fence travel for larger projects and three and a half inches of available router lift. 

The SHARK RS1000 PRO software accepts standard, metric, decimal, or fraction measurements, and comes with preloaded applications for more than a dozen common router and specialty joinery functions, including Box Joints, Dovetail, Dado, Lock Miter, and more.

Now, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars to purchase multiple specialty jigs, using the built-in controls you can produce precision joints and do precise routing functions like never before with your SHARK RS1000 PRO. 

The SHARK RS1000 PRO fits any standard three-and-a-half-inch router motor and features interchangeable inserts for larger bits. It also has an integrated 2 ¼” dust port for dust collection.

Not only is the SHARK RS1000 PRO innovative, sleek, and accurate, it is simple to use, and you can immediately
benefit by having it in your workshop. Cut set-up time by 90%, eliminate mistakes, and increase router table efficiency.       

If you have unique settings for something you commonly make, you can place that setting into the built-in memory of the RS1000 PRO and recall it immediately or months later giving you one hundred percent accurate and repeatable routing. No more time-consuming set-up. The Shark RS1000 PRO is a Game-changer that takes all the guesswork out of your setup.

The SHARK RS1000 PRO allows you to type in any desired measurement, press OK, and it will accurately move to that exact dimension, even if it is only one-thousandth of an inch, no more bumping or nudging needed! 

The SHARK RS1000 Pro has cutting-edge technology that increases accuracy, and productivity, stimulating your creativity while being extremely easy to use. And of course, it comes with the Next Wave CNC’s industry-leading two-year warranty.

That’s why SHARK is America’s #1 CNC.

  • True two Axis CNC capability for your Router Table
  • Onboard processor with LCD Color Touch Screen Pendant Control
  • Fence and lift move accurately in direct relationship to the bit with movement as little as .001”
  • Full 12” Fence travel for larger projects and 3.5” of lift travel to accommodate spindles
  • Built-in Joinery Apps – Dovetail, Box Joint, Rabbet, Dado, Lock Miter, and more
  • Reduces setup time by up to 90%
  • Standard plate size – 9-1/4″ X 11-3/4″
  • Toggles between input inches as fractions, decimals, or metric measurements, so you don’t have to convert dimensions.
  • Programmable memory locations for commonly used settings
  • Works with any standard router table with 3-1/2” router motor
  • Removeable table inserts for larger bits
  • Integrated 2-1/4” dust port
  • Simple to use, type in desired measurement and press ok
  • Works with almost any Router Table (table not included)
  • Touch plate included
  • SKU 10036
  • UPC: 00000000000

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Optional Accessories


Make cutting accurate joinery a breeze by adding this quality sliding miter to your RS1000 PRO fence system. Made from precision laser and machined aluminum parts produced right here in the USA. It features dual ball-bearing carriages, gliding on a polished steel rod. Easy to assemble and remove, the RS1000 Sliding Miter is a great addition to your RS1000 PRO system.

  • Precision laser and machined aluminum parts
  • T slotted fence for attaching jigs or clamps and allow for material height variations
  • Laser etched calibration markings
  • Swivel miter head to allow for angled machining
  • Easy one-pin removal when not in use
  • Adds additional precision to your joinery applications
  • Glides effortlessly on dual ball bearing carriages
  • Made in USA

LCD Color Touch Screen Universal Pendant Mount

Keep your LCD Color Touch Screen Universal Pendant accessible, sturdy, and hands-free with our tabletop mount. It can easily be adjusted for the best access and work angle increasing your productivity.

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